Westgate-on-Sea has got a taste! Delicious.

Traditional Indian Snacks

This is where the taste buds start knocking!

Thanet and Westgate-on-Sea have got a taste to take the start. Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Poppadum, Vada Pav, Chats, Raita, Pakora, Samosa and many more. These Indian Snacks are named and reason for your mouth to start watering. No wonder they are all here now with that unique touch and taste.

Indian and Oriental Delicacies

With the passion that in home cooked food!

It is no wonder that our menu and recipes serve a plethora of Asian delicacies, as these delicacies belong to a varying still a same genre of Oriental Cuisine. We have in platter, both the popular Indian delicacies and our special Indian delicacies, in Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian sections. Punjabi, Mughlai, North-Indian, Bengali, South Indian specials, and, you just have to taste them yourself!